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  • Over 100,000 House Plans to view! or we can help you custom design your very own.

  • We Drop Ship to just about anywhere in the World!! (One off models or thousands of homes at a time!!

  • D.I.Y. Packages Available! for "Do it Yourself" Home builders Save Thousands!

  • Meets or Far exceeds many LEED Categories at no extra cost.

  • Steel Instead of wood, will never warp, twist or crack.

  • Much Stronger againstHurricanes andTornadosbuild anywhere.

  • Lower Insurance costs up to a 40% discount has been reported. 

  • Enjoy a Significant annual reduction in your Utility Costs with an R-30 + Rating!

  • All of Our framing is 100% fire, termite, rot and mold proof.

  • Steel Framed Home Kits Delivered,Engineered,Stamped and Erected for you or your builder.  

  • Full turn Key packages available. 

  • Save up to 50% on your framing time.

  • We offer estimates for extensions also!



The Savannah 3,072 sq. ft.
Full dry-in packages.


Our Kodiak Steel Home Bolt-togeather Red-Iron' Hot-Rolled Rigid Framing System, is considered "top-of-the-line" in strength and quality.
Choose from many Beautiful and imaginative designs created to offer a wide range of architectural treatments and floor plans. 
Kodiak: All of our prices are exactally the same as listed on our manufactures site; but with additional support from (delivery to turn key homes)!!  











  Our Custom Mixed Heavy/Light Gauge Steel Homes utilize an all galvanized pre-engineered framing system that uses many recognizable building components and practices easily embraced by conventional wood framers.


**Pricing as Low as $16 Dollarsa Sq. Ft.

With all A&EStamped Drawings and structural Material delivered to site 

Including full support at no extra charge.** 


**Example: That's all your prefab framimg for a 2500 Sq.Ft.4 B/R Homedelivered for around$40,500ready to be erected!!**



All of our Steel Homes can be designed

to withstand wind loads up to 150 mph and California Earthquake conditions!!


**Why Build with anything else?** 



View over 100,000 Home Plans listed & more...  www.CoolHousePlans.com  www.ehouseplans.com  www.designbasics.com  www.TheHouseDesigners.com  www.HousePlans.com   www.ThePlanCollection.com   HGTV Home Design Software Link   www.dongardner.com  www.saterdesign.com 





Choose from thousands of models ranging from a basic 764 square-foot cottage to a 30,000 square foot or larger

High End Custom Home.  




At Finest Steel Homes we utilize a unique Pre- Engineered steel framing system that is unlike any other system you may have seen.



STEEL has been part of some of the greatest achievements of all time: It was part of the railroads that helped create a nation out of the wilderness frontiers; it’s the interior backbone of skyscrapers, and bridges; it’s the framework of the automobile. Steel is the ideal choice for people who demand strength, durability and value in the products they use. Steel vs Wood (click Link)





Finest Steel Homes along with RSP Design Services, Inc. just one of our many engineering firms: Designs, Manufactures, and distributes pre-engineered framing systems that arrive at the jobsite with stamped drawings and all components cut to length clearly marked and ready to assemble.   



Finest Steel Homes provides complete blueprints and detailed assembly instructionswhich shows how each wall, opening, and truss is constructed. Our homes will go up much like a giant erector set with components being bolted and screwed together quickly and easily and with a minimum of scrap.    



Our Steel Homes can be built with any type of foundation and can be finished with any material available: brick, stucco, siding, etc...   




The completed home is indistinguishable from a conventionally built wood framed home, but incorporating the many obvious inherent advantages of building with steel. We offer many distinct and versatile steel framing systems along with a different market focus for each to satisfy our clients specific needs and demands.   



Our Homes unique framing system can be erected in a very short time using only 3 to 5 men. (On some multi-level designs, lifting equipment is helpful and recommended.) One of the advantages of our homes is that the exterior shell can be quickly weathered-in. Interior wall framing and finishing can then proceed in a dry, climate controlled environment, without regard for weather conditions that would normally have an adverse effect on conventional construction.   



We also design, erect and build Multi-Family Units, Condos,Town Homes & Commercial structures Worldwide (Link) Multi-Plex House Plans





Steel is a superior material in terms of its consistency, uniformity and predictability. These qualities allow our expert Technical Services Department to design our standard model floor plans with luxurious options. Because of its strength, steel can span greater distances (Wide-Open Floor Plans) offering large, open interior spaces and increased design flexibility.  



Although you can choose from a multitude of home designs, the customizing aspects of our homes are really without limits. Many home buyers love our design, but need to make some changes, whether to add or delete square footage or even simply to adjust desired ceiling height.   



Experts: In many fields are looking for new building strategies and technologies that will help sustain affordable growth into the next century. By selecting steel framing for the structures built today, we can answer the demand for the Environmentally Responsible products of tomorrow.  



Steel is the most commonly recycled material in the world, with over 67% of all steel used today coming from recycled material. It takes one-fourth of an acre to produce the framing for a typical wood framed home, not to mention also taking those same trees out of the eco/system for a minimum of 100 years; the same house can be framed with steel from the recycled metal of just three to four junk cars! Increasingly steel framing is being recognized as the logical, environmentally responsible choice for home buyers and builders today.   



Energy Efficiency: The unmatched High-Strength framing of our homes creates wider exterior wall cavities than in typical wood frame construction. This allows the installation of much thicker, up to 9" fiberglass batt R-30 + Insulation resulting in a much Quieter Home with a significant Reduction in your Heatingand Cooling bills! 




  • Steel does not interfere with Radio & Television transmissions!
  • You hang pictures on the wall in steel framed home exactly the same way you hang pictures in a wood home!
  • The steel used in a Finest Steel Home does not rust and our homes are also much safer if lighting strikes!
  • Steel is much more environmentally friendly than wood and helps preserve the environment and our wonderful natural forests.  





  • Finest Steel Homes offers and provides these stand alone services:

  • Sells and builds The Strongest Bolt-together Hot-Rolled Red-Iron Steel Homes on Earth.

  • Unlimited Light Gauge Steel Home Design, Support and Training for Builders and our (DIY) Home Builders worldwide.  

  • We have a network of highly qualified builders nationwide ready to offer you a quote and travel anywhere your build might be.
  • We can design and build for you everything from a small cottage to a multi-story high-rise structure and Castles too.





  • They are highly experienced and have designed over 100 steel custom homes domestically for home owners across the U.S.

  • Designed low cost housing for the Cameroon Government in Central Africa and assisted in its implementation on the ground. 

  • Provided CAD and design services to an Atlanta architectural firm, Artisan Design Group.

  • Designed and project managed (21) 5 to 7 story residential construction projects within the Southeast United States.

  • Have assisted on over (50) commercial projects worldwide. 

  • August 23, 2008 Winning the bid and Utilized Building Information Modeling (BIM) to design all the metal stud framing for the: (Link) Harry Potter Castle

           located atUniversal Studios in Central Florida.

  • Continues to learn and use BIM products, such as Revit, ArchiCAD, and Bentley to design projects that far exceed other design firm’s capabilities. 

  • Associations with fabrication facilities worldwide, and can provide materials for all the steel components they design and at the best pricing.

  • Has affiliations with steel erectors and framing crews, to assist General Contractors, or provide a complete turnkey project working directly with owners.

  • These are representative examples of their work. They have learned much from these projects and have gained credibility with Corp. entities worldwide.



In Addition: We offer a wide range of experience in commercial and residential design, as well as construction management with onsite training and consulting services for you or your company.Through our unique and ever expanding alliance Finest Steel Homes can now offer a wider range of professionals with extensive economical, practical, and innovative experience that will give you a one stop shop for all your steel needs. Our Alliance represents over 100 years of experience within the Steel Industry. We are confident that both our quotes and unsurpassed built in value are far superior to other forms of construction offered. Once you see the obvious advantages, whether your a first time Home Buyer, Developer or a DIY Home Builder you will see the many benefits we can offer in cost savings, quality, support and Eco/Green friendly construction.  Call us for your quote today. Thank you. 



Our Ever Expanding Network:  Through our new International Partner we now have the ability to offer these additional unmatched services:  Project Management Services, Program Management, Construction Management, Project Management Oversight, Troubled Project Turnaround, Staff Augmentation, Project Labor agreements, Management Consulting, Commissioning, Estimate & Cost Management, Labor Compliance Management, Construction Claims and Consulting Services, Claims Consulting, Litigation Support, Expert Witness Testimony, Cost and Damage Assessment, Delay and Disruption Analysis, Adjudication, Lender Advisory, Risk Management, Forensic Accounting, Fraud Investigation.     






    Sincerely yours,


    Tom Goldsmith, President, Finest Inc.

    Finest Steel Homes 

    631 940-7558  * 888 940-IRON * 631 835-6746   

    Email: Tmgold24@aol.com orTGoldsmith@FinestSteelHomes.com



      Email or Call us for more info @ 1-888 940-IRON